Unknown UnitType "auto" in ModelUtils.ToUnit


I was having a quick play to try and open one of my documents here, and I get an exception coming out of ModelUtils.ToUnit, the value of the type parameter is "auto" which is not a recognised type in the switch.
It is the below call at TextGlow.Control.Model.TableCellProperties (202), that is throwing:
_preferredWidth = ModelUtils.ToUnit(XmlUtils.GetValue<int>(element.Element(ns + "tcW"), "w"),
    XmlUtils.GetValue(element.Element(ns + "tcW"), "type"));
I've attached a sample document that can be used to demonstrate this, the table and it's contents have been copied and pasted into the document from the link at the top of the document.
I don't understand the docx standard, so I can't provide any further help, I'm afraid.

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